About the Conference

The main focus of the conference is on Internet of Things investigations, and telecommunication networks features for IoT concept implementation. The Internet of Things is a new concept for developing networks. The networked things could be from either the physical or informational world. The thing should include an IPv6 address, and should, as a minimum, be network-integrated. 7 trillion things could be network terminals by 2017-2020. New network architecture, technical means, services, QoS and QoE classes and parameters could be developed for trillions of networks.

The INTHITEN will be held in St Petersburg, Russia − the meeting point of East and West. With its stunning architecture and wonderful art galleries and museums, among numerous other attractions, the history of East and West can be seen and felt in this beautiful city. The beginning of June is the most popular time to visit St Petersburg, being known worldwide as the ‘White Nights’.

The INTHITEN is supported by the Russian Federal Telecommunications Agency, IEEE Russia Northwest BT/CE/COM Chapter, and the Popov Society.